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Art Auctions and Sweepstakes

Future Galerie is an art auction and sweepstakes platform that allows prominent artists to raise money for organizations that are taking deliberate actions to combat systemic injustices and create a more just and tolerant future.


100% of Proceeds Go To:

$16,350 RAISED

Auctions: Go All In to Win


Bid on artwork – You will be notified if you are outbid. 


Highest bidder when the auction expires wins. 


100% of proceeds from the auction are donated to chosen organization.

Concluded Auctions:

Sweepstakes: Enter for a Chance to Win


Purchase entries for a chance to win a piece of artwork. Entry pricing below. 


At close of sweepstakes for each art piece, one winner is selected.


100% of proceeds are donated to the chosen organization. 

Concluded Sweepstakes:

Instagram Live Artist Talks.


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Future Galerie Press.

Other Ways to Support:

Don’t want to bid on a piece but want to support? Make a donation. All direct donations will go to Sky Art Chicago.

Are you an artists that wants to participate by donating a piece to auction? Fill out the form below.

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