About Us

Future Galerie is a unified art auction platform that allows prominent artists and creators to raise money for organizations, of their choosing, that are taking deliberate actions to combat systemic injustices and create a more just and tolerable future. 

How Organizations Receiving Support Are Chosen

Future Galerie works with each participating artist to determine an organization that will be receiving the support from their donated art piece.  

All organizations receiving support do active work within the realm of social justice and are actively on the front lines of providing education and resources in support of ending systemic racism and creating a more just and tolerable future. 

About the Organizers

The organizers of Future Galerie are all creative producers, directors, and artists.  We bring people and resources together to make ideas happen.  Future Galerie is a platform we created and produced to take an active role in a solution.  It is important that WE ALL take an active role in order to combat the systemic social injustices that are being brought to the forefront in the United States right now.  This does not mean everyone is required to show support in the same way, but this does mean it is mandatory to use our own skill sets, resources, networks, and time to generate momentum and support for radical change, because silence is compliance. 


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