Shaurya Kumar: from the series "if in a sacred land a traveler..." -

Shaurya Kumar: from the series "if in a sacred land a traveler..."

Artist: Shaurya Kumar 

Details: Gold leaf, Varnish and reductive tools on Rives BFK 

Size: 19″ x 14″

Year: 2019

About: Inspired by recent travels and memories of places and objects that he has encountered, each gold leaf symbolizes a mark as if left by a pilgrim on a religious site as an act of reverence or devotion. While each mark and drawing is different in the way of handling, all works share the equal investment and intensity; and the beauty comes from the profound act of engagement, the kind of empathy towards the object that is looked at, met and respected, and not seen through.

Supporting Black Youth Project. 

Artist Bio: A native of Delhi, India where he studied printmaking and painting at the College of Art; Shaurya Kumar graduated with his MFA from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2007. Since 2001, Kumar has been involved in numerous prestigious research projects, like “The Paintings of India” (a series of 26 documentary films on the painting tradition of India); “Handmade in India” (an encyclopedia on the handicraft traditions of India); and digital restorations of 6th century Buddhist mural paintings from the caves of Ajanta. Shaurya Kumar currently lives and works in Chicago, IL and is an Associate Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Chair of the Department of Printmedia. 

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    • Prize: Gold leaf, Varnish and reductive tools on Rives BFK  Printed and Framed, by Shaurya Kumar
    • Start Date: 07/21/20
    • Final Date and Time: 07/29/20
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